The Fast and the Furious!

By: Angelina, Anna, Blake, Derec, Mckenzie 6-3

October 4th, 2012

Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey Written By: Angelina Marti

*****The Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey aka Michael Jackson monkey is a colorful Asian animal that lives in China, in high trees. They eat fruit, leaves, seeds, and lichens (Herbivores), can live to be 21.5-28 inches tall and weigh 28-46 pounds.

*****The colors on these animals are either brownish-red or golden-brown. Their fur is what they are mostly known for because with their fur they can survive harsh winters without dying. These animals are highly social and live in groups that contains 1 male and numerous females.They have up to 200 individuals in their group in the fall, spring, and summer, but in the winter there are only 20-30 individuals.

*****There are protected areas for the Golden Snub-Nosed monkeys because humans would hunt them and use their fur. They were found in the early year of 2010 by Fauna and Flora International.

Bottle Calves Written By: Anna Ahrenholtz

*****The hamburgers you eat all come from cattle, mostly Angus. Angus cattle are the most known cattle in the U.S. They are commonly used for meat because they are big and full. Cattle mostly eat grass and corn mix, also some hay. The scientific name for cattle is Bos primigenius.

*****Bottle calves, which are cattle but they are still babies that are also twins but the mother could only take care of one so one gets bottle fed. The bottle has water and powdered milk. Most calves are not purebred they are crosses. That means they come from two different types of cattle for example, if the mother is a purebred Angus and the father is also a cross the calf will be a Angus cross. There are more crossed calves then purebred.

*****There are around 25-50 cattle per herd. There can be about 20 calves per herd. The breeding heifers and the bulls usually are not together unless they are breeding. They usually only have one calf unless there are twins. Lucky a 2 month old bottle calf was a twin and does not get to stay with her mom because her mom won't take care of her. So she gets bottle fed.

Giant Panda Bears By: Derec Weyer

*****The first person to find a panda bear was Pere David. Giants Panda Bears are mostly found at the top of Yangtze Basin. Pandas eat 20 or 30 pounds of bamboo shoots in a day and also it honey, eggs, fish, yams, shrub leaves, and bananas.

*****There was a panda bear baby born in china just two weeks ago. then it died two weeks later. Male giant panda bears average is 5 to 6 feet.

Male pandas weigh about 175 to 250 pounds. Female weigh about 150 to 225.

the world wide total estimate is less than 1,600 and has put the giant panda bear on the endangered species list.
*****Giant panda bears diet is mostly made up of bamboo (95%).

Video Below:

Small Mouth Bass Written By: Blake Goshorn

*****Small-mouth bass are fish that live in the U.S., parts of Europe, and Canada. They live in cool waters, usually anywhere from 40 to sixty degrees. They feed on Shad, Shiner Minnows, and Chubs, which are bait fish.

*****They will follow bait fish even if the bait fish go to water temperatures that are uncomfortable for smallies. Small-mouth are aggressive fish that we will eat anything that is small enough for them to eat, and moving. They are also alike the other kind of common type of bass, the Large-mouth Bass. Large-mouths are a greenish brown, just like the smallie.

*****The only differences between the two is that the Small-mouths jaw doesn’t extend beyond it’s eye, unlike the large-mouth bass. This is the reason the smallie has a slightly smaller mouth. Small-mouth are game fish and are caught for fun, and for eating.

White Tigers Written By: Mckenzie Carl

*****White tigers are very pretty but they are dangerous. These tigers are very much endangered, there are at least 8,000 wild tigers left in the world. These tigers can eat up to 40 pounds a time. They eat wild pig, deer, and wild cattle. The White Tiger is the biggest cat in the world.

*****When a mama tiger gives birth the the father leaves and the mom has to take care of the cubs all by herself. Keep in mind these tigers are cute when first born, but when they grow up they are mean animals.

*****These vicious animals usually live in Eastern Asia. Most of the 8,000 left in the world are in zoos. Well that's my information thanks for reading the Fast and The Furious.

HCMS Communications 6-3

Mrs. Blair our teacher for communications gave us the idea to make a newspaper.