Isaac Singer

Singer Sewing Company

Facts About Singer

  • Made different things before the sewing machine.
  • First Patent was for a rock drilling machine.
  • He Went to New York to Visit the Shop of Orson Phelps.
  • A Lerow and Blodgett sewing machine was being repaired in the shop.
  • Phelps asked Singer to look at the sewing machine.
  • Singer concluded that the sewing machine would work better if the shuttle moved in a straight line instead of a circle and used a straight needle instead of a curved needle.
  • Singer obtained a patent for his improvements in August 12,1851
  • His improved sewing machine could produce 900 stitches per minute.
  • He was the first to put a family sewing machine on the market for $10.
  • He intended to selling his rock drilling machine to pay for his acting career.