Rhino Challenge News

September 25, 2015


What We're Learning

We've talked about and modeled plate tectonics and the changes from Pangaea to today's continents. Students learned about the movement of plates along convergent, divergent, and transform boundaries, as well as how that movement causes change to the earth's crust. Students learned about hot spots and how they've helped to create islands such as Hawaii, as well as the geysers in Yellowstone and Iceland. Third, fourth, and fifth graders have started our unit project where they are researching the geology of a national park.

Wish List

Sometimes we do projects where we need extra supplies, or we just need something for the classroom to make our classtime more productive and efficient. If you're able to donate any of the items listed, it would be greatly appreciated!

My wish list can be accessed by clicking here.


Fall Challenge Get-Together CANCELLED

Saturday, Oct. 10th, 10am

Park Road 38

San Felipe, TX

Due to a lack of interest, I’m cancelling the Fall Challenge Get-Together at Stephen F Austin State Park.

If you are still interested in geocaching there, there’s an app called Geo Wayfare that’s easy to use as a GPS.

There is a Texas State Park Geocaching Challenge, and several caches are located at Stephen F Austin. Go to http://tpwd.texas.gov/spdest/activities/outdoor_recreation/geocache/coordinates.phtml for more information.

You can also go to geocaching.com for more caches.

Challenge Release Days

There will be no Challenge on the following days:

  • Thursday, October 29
  • Thursday, November 12
  • Friday, November 13
  • Thursday, December 3
  • Friday, December 4

There will still be Challenge on early dismissal days unless otherwise noted. I am planning on having a partial day Challenge on Field Days.

Parenting With Love and Logic

Love and Logic Parenting Classes are being offered this year at many campuses throughout the district. Rylander is not being used to host a class, but you can attend any location if you are interested. It's only $10 for the workbook.

The sessions have been designed to help:

  • Put an end to arguing
  • Teach responsibility without losing their love
  • Set limits
  • Avoid power struggles
  • Guide kids to solve their own problems
  • Teach kids to complete chores

I've attended classes designed for teachers and absolutely loved it. For more information about Parenting With Love and Logic, click here.


Lunch Time Change (Again)

Our lunch time has returned to 12:06 for all grade levels on Challenge days. :)


If 2nd-5th graders are bringing devices to Challenge, please make sure they have a QR reader already installed. We will also be using an app called TeleStory in a few weeks. I know it's available on Apple devices, but I'm not sure about Android. Canvas has an app that might be beneficial at home.

Gifted 101

This is a good article that explains what it means to be gifted.


Ms. Jaclyn Clements

E-mail is the best way to get in touch. To follow what we're doing in Challenge, follow my Twitter @rrechallenge. :)