It's the Civil Rights

It's the 90's

Past and Present

The civil rights movement made many changes to society today. I personally feel that yes, many changes were made, and for sure a lot has been improved. Yet, we have also taken a halt to the improvements. Some improvements we've transformed out of is no more segregated schools, or divided bathrooms. Most whites have accepted and joined with black to make a mixed society. Yet discrimination, and racism are still extremely relevant today.

After the civil rights movement I would not say that everything is changed and better. Personally, I don't know if it'll ever get better, or if we will always be a racist society. We have become a more just society in ways, in court the judges are just to black people, and that's another improvement. Yet, there are still racist among us and our community everyday.

Tactics During the 1960's

We Silently Protest

There were few, yet strong strategies and tactics blacks used to fights for their rights. Most to al of them included silent protest. They used non violence, by following Gandhi's ways. Most religious groups were involved in planning these protests. As the blacks would plan these things police and whites were not okay with it so many were injured and killed.

Some tactics and strategies blacks use to fight for their rights were usually bus boycotts, sit-ins, freedom rides, and social movements. All of these made an impact on the world, and many peoples eyes were opened to the truth of the world. These were al non-violent protests that police changes into aggressive and violent protests. The bus boycotts fought against bus segregation, and religious groups and the blacks in general organized carpools, or just walked to work and refused to ide the busses. Sit-ins were exactly how they sound, blacks would usually dress up the silently sit and raise white awareness of the cause of events. Freedom rides were a protest all through the south by riding on a bus and many were killed and beaten relentlessly. Lastly, an example of a social movement was be all of Martin Luther Kings speeches that reached out to many whites and blacks.

All of these protests were useful and much needed to bring everyone to attention to what was going on. These tactics were extremely wise and people still remember and use them these days. They will be carried and used onto the future. The civil rights movement will forever be remembered because of these strategies and tactics.

A Change Is Coming

The song A Change Is Coming by Sam Cooke is extremely touching. The rhythm of the song touches many hearts. This song shows all of the terrible things happening to the black people, but its a motivating song uplifting blacks during the civil rights movement. this song was made in 1963 a perfect time for this song to come out.

The song explains the segregation out in the town and the living conditions blacks were in. I'm sure this song connected to many others in this time because it shows the hard times they were in, yet still states, "a change is coming." most were encouraged by this song, but I'm sure the whites during this time were offended and distraught.

Change Is a Good Thing

CORE- the core is and organization that stands for Congress of Racial Equality. The CORE was created in a white college and with a black student James Farmer. The CORE was one of the leading groups during the civil rights movement. They fought for equality with nonviolent approaches. They lead many freedom rides, sit-ins, and social movements.

SCLC- the sclc is an organization that stand for Southern Christian Leadership Conference lead by Martin Luther King Jr. This group gives power to the black christian churches in this time. They reach out to the older blacks and give them hope and strength in this time. They used many social movements. Also used nonviolent approaches.