HPS Tech News 2013 (No 2)



Welcome to our second 'HPS Tech News' Flyer. The technology committee hopes you find something here that inspires you, proves helpful, gets you thinking or gives you a quiet chuckle. Thanks to all who have shared ideas for this edition.

Website Wonders!

TEN Resources From Jen

Please have a look at Jen's Smore flyer on 'Ten Frame Fun' for some great resources.
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Blog News

Here are KB students in action on KB's blog this week. They really loved making their selection of fruit! Photos of their fruit models were taken in class, the title slide was made with the Big Huge Labs website. Photos were inserted into iMovie, transitions and CC music added and then uploaded to Vimeo. All websites used for this project are on our Sqworl 'Blogging Resources' page.
KB's Fruit Models

Staff Picks

Sites recommended this week are on our Literacy Resources page and are worth revisiting. Thanks heaps for sharing:

Ross - FreeRice - English Vocab

Lisa - Telescopic Text

Leanne - Engage

Leanne has also suggested this site for some great maths interactives - Interactive Sites for Education. I have added this site to our Numeracy Resources page.

Australian Curriculum News

Please explore the 'Program Builder', new from the Board of Studies. Program Builder is designed by the BOS exclusively for primary and secondary teachers in NSW. Program Builder is a programming tool that uses content from the new NSW syllabuses for the Australian curriculum to create scope and sequences and units. It's well worth a look!
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Some Extra Reading . . .

  • Please read the the 'Technology News For Schools - Bulletin 1' from the Information Technology Directorate. It can be accessed through the link in this week's SchoolBiz. It has lots of info including that the rollout out of Google Apps is now in the last stages of preparation!

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Thanks To . . .

Barbara for sharing her class recount on our school news blog this week, Jen for sharing her new TEN resources, Ross, Lisa and Leanne for sharing literacy and numeracy websites, Stage 1 teachers for taking lots of great photos of their excursions to share on our website and news blog and Margaret for ordering new wireless keyboards and Ross who has been running around and installing them. Thank you!

Thought of The Week

iPad VS Paper - you be the judge!
Ipad vs. Paper