Hex Hall

Rachel Hawkins

"Creative, plot-twisting, engaging, mysterious, intriguing"


This book begins with a 16 year old witch Sophie Mercer. She performs an exposing act to human almost revealing the Prodigium that gets her into Hecate or Hex Hall a reform school for magical beings. She then meets some interesting people along the way. She also runs into some important secrets, and deals with love, betrayal, and hate.

Lead characters:

-Sophie Mercer

-Jennifer Talbot

-Archer Cross

-Elodie Parris

-Alice Barrow

Literary Terms:

Language usage: The author uses everyday modern language in the book.

Examples of figurative language:

"She slapped at the yellow taffeta like it was a bug she was trying to kill" -Simile

"It would have broken their hearts" -Idiom


Author:Rachel Hawkins


Book type:Fiction

Publisher:Hyperion Books for Children

Publication date:February 1, 2011

Number of pages:336

Publisher's recommended age(s):11+

My Opinion:

I liked this novel because it is a paranormal fiction. It deals with creatures that are mythical. I loved all the plot-twisted , the intense characters. I wouldn't really change anything big except little bits of decisions that the characters make.
Read the series if you like.