Major League Baseball Player

Research on a MLB player


Of the many important things to know about a MLB player, three of the most important are; their yearly income, the hours they work a week during off-season, spring training, and the regular season, and the requirements needed to become a player.

Yearly Income

  • Minimum- The minimum that you could make as a first year player is $137,600. The signing bonus for $137,600 is $5,000.
  • Average- The average income that a first year player makes is around $!414,000 to $480,000.
  • Maximum-The maximum amount that you could make as a first year player is around $29 million.

Hours of Work a Week

  • Off-season-During the off-season as a baseball player they have to do their summer workouts. If they do their workouts for 5 days a week, and it takes them 2 hours, they work a total of 10 hours a week until spring training starts.
  • Spring Training-During spring training they have to get to the facilities at around 8 a.m. and start their workouts and drills with their position coach and their teammates. Once they finish their drills they go into the cages to take batting practice. In all the work close to 8 hours a week until the real fun starts. The regular season.
  • Regular Season-"On most day games you spend a minimum of 8 hours at the park."The players get to the ball park about 6 hours prior to the game. They get to the park early so they can get treatment for their injuries. They also get there early for batting practice and infield that they take while players are hitting batting practice.

Requirements needed to become a Player!

Some of the requirements to become a Major League Baseball player is that you must have finished high school. If you have a National Letter of Intent to go to a college, you must finish at least three years of college before you declare for the First Year Players Draft in the MLB. If you get drafted out of high school you still have the option to declare to sign with the team you get drafted by. If they drafted by a team after their third year they can go into the league or they can stay for their senior season and see more competition and get better.


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