Though defeated, still undefaeted.


This documentary follows a coach and his team as the play through their football season. The team is Manassas and they had never one a layoff game before but the coach, Bill Courtney, works with the boys and helps then on and off the football field and makes them mentally stronger and better.


This was not about the football, though it was. It is called undefeated although they did get defeated. The soul purpose of this documentary had nothing to do with football, it was about building character and being mentally and emotionally strong. Having the capability to stand back up when you're knocked down. It's about handling the hard times in your life and being able to not give up because of it.

Example 1

Chavis Is a big part of the team and means a lot to the coach, Chavis has anger issues and is very quick to get into fights. Chavis walks away from the football team but the coach talks to him. The coach shows him his worth and chavis learned to become a better person no matter his anger level. He learns to not let his anger bring him down. He learns to change for the better.

Example 2

Another impotent aspect to the team was a player that goes by the name "Money". Money get injured during a game and is forced to sit out for the games to come. Football is all these boys had, and it was being taken away from money. Money was going to just stop coming to school and he became what seemed to be depressed. His coach talked to him and got him back in the game. Later after he started to recover he's back on the field and is offered a whole full paid ride to collage.

Example 3

They are not undefeated in their season. They lose a game and then they are done, just like that their season was over. They are upset but they take it like men. They know that its not about how you win, but how you handle something like a defeat. They walk off the field with their head help high because all though they did not win they made it further then anyone from that school has before.


This was a great film I really did enjoy watching it. This really showed the main message that was trying to be said. All those examples show how they didn't let things hold them back, and that every time something was thrown at them to knock them down they got back up. It makes me think to myself that I need to be like them. Like I need to be willing to do better for myself. I motivates me to not give up. It was a great documentary.