Grades 3-4-5 March-May 2023

MCAS 2023

Dear Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade Parents:

As you know, the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System-MCAS will be administered across the State this spring. During the timeframe of March 27th-May 26th, all elementary students will be assessed in the following areas: Grade 3-ELA & Mathematics, Grade 4-ELA & Mathematics, and Grade 5-ELA, Mathematics and STE-Science/ Technology/Engineering. The format for MCAS will be CBT (Computer Based Testing).

Please keep these important dates in mind, as it is vital that no student miss these testing periods. Medical absences must be documented and supported with a doctor’s note, per DESE regulations.

Some of the things you, as a parent/guardian, can do to work with us during this time are noted below.

  • DO praise your child for the things he/she does well and be supportive of his/her efforts, especially in areas or activities that are challenging.

  • DO realize that putting too much emphasis on the test and the results can increase your child’s anxiety about the test. Too much anxiety can prevent your child from doing his/her best.

  • DO reassure your child that test scores are only one measure of his/her abilities, not the whole picture.

  • DO express a positive attitude about the test and confidence in your child’s ability to do well on it. Research shows that if you’re upbeat and encouraging about the test, your child is likely to feel good about it.

  • DO ensure that your child gets a good night’s sleep the night before the test and eats a nutritious breakfast the day of the test(s).

Our Elementary School’s MCAS Calendar takes place during the timeframe of March 30th-May 16th, 2023. Assessment Time starts @ 9:00 a.m. and concludes for most by lunch time.


No volunteers/visitors are allowed in the rooms during testing times per DESE testing policy.

Thank you for your support and cooperation as we begin this very important assessment period.