Ida B Wells

Courageous Voice for Civil Rights

Early Life

Ida was born on July 16, 1862 as a slave in Holly Springs, Mississippi. She attended Shaw University, but at age 16 she had to drop out because of a yellow fever outbreak. Soon both her parents, and her youngest brother died, leaving Ida to care for the other five children. At age 18 she became a teacher at a nearby school. In 1882, her and her siblings moved to Memphis, Tennessee.


In the year 1895, Ida married Ferdinand Barnett, thay had four children. She had a tough time traveling and caring for her children. After traveling Ida decided to stay in Chicago to help with its growing African American population. Ida led a anti-lynching capaign, she spoke on the issue at black women clubs, and raised $500 to investigate lynching and publish her results. People were moving north because of the great migration. She spent the next 30 years reforming urban Chicago. Ida worked on racial inequality, and to improve the conditions for the African American population. Ida spoke, traveled little, and campainged. Ida died at the age of 68, from kindey failure.


Ida is remebered for her capainging on anti-lynching. She was an extrodianary women, who fought for what she knew was right.