3rd grade News September 29, 2015

Subject News

*Reading- Wednesday the 30th is our first Electronics Day. The students voted to make their book calendar celebration a noon electronics day event, so any student in our class that has read, filled out, and brought back their reading calendar will be eligable to attend. Electronics are optional. We will be dining in our classroom.

*Math-Last week I sent home the introduction to subtraction with vocabulary, games, and practice for home. These introductions are a good view of what we will be doing in the unit. Daily homework mirrors what we do in class.

*Social Studies-We are studying Springfield City Government. Our city sponsors a night in city hall for 3rd graders to see the offices and equipment our city has. This night call,"Treasures of the City," will be held next Tuesday. It is a parent/student activity. I will be there to greet you but you can experience this with your child. (see flyer)

*Writing- The students created fantastic pictures in art and we are using them to make our own class ABC adventures of a tiger. I am anxious to see what our young minds come up with.

Thank You

Thank you to all who came and enjoyed our Open House last Thursday Night. I appreciate that permission slips were signed, conferences were made, volunteering was established, and most important the students showed off a piece of their world!