Mr. G's Free Throw Challenge

It's time to hoop it up!

Win breakfast for your next meeting from Panera Bread!

To add some fun to our day, I have created a basketball challenge for you. Grade levels teams and the related arts department needs to choose four people from your teams to compete in this challenge (4 people from 6th grade, 4 people from 7th grade, 4 people from 8th grade, and 4 people from Related Arts). The four people representing your grade level/ related arts team simply need to report to the gym between the hours of 9 Am and 11 AM today. Each of the four people on the team will take two warm up free throw shots and then shoot five free throws that count towards a team score. Each grade level/ related arts team will add up the total number of free throws made collectively by the four people representing the team and record that total on the score sheet posted in the gym. The winning grade level/ related arts team with the highest total number of free throws made out of a possible 20 will earn breakfast pastries, coffee, and juice from Panera Bread for your next team meeting!

Note: Admin/ Office, Cafeteria, Mrs. Oliver's staff, or other teams can participate following the same team rules and a separate Panera Bread prize will be offered for the winning team in this category.

Good luck!

Free Throw Contest for Panera Bread Breakfast

Friday, Jan. 16th, 9-11am

Sullivan Gymnasium

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