Suicide's Note

By: Langston Hughes


This poem is a note from a person who has committed suicide by drowning himself in a river.


In this poem, a person speaks of a longing to drown himself as he says that the river asked him for a kiss. The mood of the poem is very calm, which makes it quite chilling because it speaks of death. The speaker, who wishes to end his life, is a very unhappy and lonely person. One can infer that he is so lonely because he longs for a "kiss" from the river, which is also a "kiss" from death.


This poem is made up of only three simple lines. The first two lines of the poem describe the river, and the last line hints that the speaker wishes to drown himself in the river. The title, suicide's note, is what makes the poem so eerie. It tells you that the poem, which seems cool and calm, is actually a death scene.


The language used in this poem is simple, but the imagery and figurative language is strong. First, the speaker personifies the river by speaking of its "face" and how it "asks for a kiss". This intensifies the poem y giving the river, which is the source of death, a human like form.

Musical Devices

This poem has no rhyme scheme, but uses an alliteration when the speaker describes the "cool, calm" face of the river.
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