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Peavy Primary's iRead

Peavy Primary's reading program, iRead, is an interactive reading program created by Scholastic and marketed by Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt.

iRead is a digital foundational reading program designed to close the achievement gap early, and place ALL K-2 children on a predictable path to reading proficiently by Grade 3. iRead is organized around five foundational principles to deliver the very best early-reading instruction.

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Materials Needed:

Login for SAM Central

Class List

Pen/Paper for Notes

1. iRead Website

2. Log in Information

3. Student Enrollment

4. Adding Students with Class Lists

5. General Overview of first sessions

6. Stations

7. Time Recommendations

8. Goals for the year


9. Award System

HISD Curriculum & Instruction

Lisa Jeffrey - Assistant Superintendent

Suzanne Stroud - Administrative Assistant