The Disaster occurred in Nepal ,April 2015


Nepal, officially federal democratic republic of China is located in South Asia .With an area of 147,181 square kilometers and a population of approximately 27 million .Nepal is the world's 93rd largest country by landmass . Kathmandu is the nation's capital and largest metropolis.The mountainous north of Nepal has eight of the world's ten tallest mountains , including the highest point on Earth, Mount Everest .
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Nepal the Earthquake reasons

Nepal is particularly prone to earth quakes .It sits on the boundary of the two massive Tectonic plates Indo-Australian and Asian plates.It is the collision of these plates that produced the Himalayan mountains and with them ,earthquakes occur when strain builds up in the earth's crust until it gives way , usually along old fault lines .As Indian subcontinent pushes against Eurasia ,pressure is released in the form of earthquakes .

Casualties and Destruction Occur in Nepal

Hundreds of Thousands of people were homeless with entire villagers flattened across many districts of the Country .Centuries old buildings were destroyed at UNESCO world Heritage sites int he Kathmandu valley. Over 8,000 people were reported have suffered injuries .The disaster had affected 8 million people across the Himalayan nation. The Nepal lost most of the the monuments that had been designated as World Heritage Sites.They cannot be restored to their original states .A huge damage was caused to the property and lives of the people .

Measures for Earthquake

Before an earthquake

  • build structures in firm land and take steps to minimize the extent of damage
  • keep important documents in safe box
  • make sure you have first aid kit and flashlights ,etc. and put together an emergency kit.
During an earthquake

  • if you are in home ,stay under heavy furniture such as table ,desk or any solid furniture
  • if you are outside ,stay there and move away from posts ,trees and buildings ,as they can uproot during earthquakes.
  • keep calm
After an earthquake

  • be prepared for more after shocks
  • stay out of damaged buildings and areas
  • stay away from beaches

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Challenges Faced by the Rescue Team

Governments across the globe have deployed emergency assistance following Nepal's deadliest earthquake in nearly a century .but the response teams face increasing difficulties as the death toll continues to rise .European,Asian, and North American governments sent emergency response teams to Nepal as the country struggles to cope with the disaster.

Blocked roads,Collapsed buildings and continuing aftershocks pose major setbacks for emergency crews searching for survivors in the Capital. Widespread destruction ,rubble and landslides are preventing access to provide aid in many villages .Kathmandu and the surrounding towns are now crammed over crowded and often poorly constructed buildings are on the valley floor these made rescue efforts almost impossible.

in keeping with its commitment to humanitarian causes ,India led the way in rescue and relief and first international response and assurance to the Nepalese people came from Indian prime minister and promptly dispatched strong contingent National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) .

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