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Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Tailor Made Suits

If you’re planning on spending some hard-earned money on getting a tailor made suit, it can be worthwhile to keep a few things in mind. The cost of tailor made suits can run into thousands of dollars. Hence, if the final tailor made suit is not a good fit, only a select few would be able to shrug it off and get another one made. Besides, there are very few skilled tailors who can make alterations to the final suit seamlessly. Therefore, keeping certain points in mind at the outset would be a good way to ensuring that the final product meets all your specifications.

Meticulous and precise measurements are the key to getting that perfect suit. While knowing your measurements is ideal, even if you don’t, the tailors can easily accomplish this for you. The drop – which is the difference between the waistband of the pants and the measurement of the jacket – is one of the key factors behind getting a suit that fits perfectly. Off-the-rack mens suits usually have a standard drop of about six inches. This means that if the jacket measures 40 inches, the waist will be around 34 inches. But this is a standard fitting and will not work for men with more athletic builds. Therefore, if your waist is say, 31 inches, you would need to find a tailor who can successfully manage the additional 3 inches off the waistband.

When it comes to suit jackets, ensure that the line from the shoulder to the sleeve is smooth and uniform. Unlike off-the-rack suit jackets that can be puckered, tailor made suit jackets usually have a perfectly-constructed line running down from the shoulder to the sleeve. Check the buttons to see that they’re securely attached and fit perfectly into their respective buttonholes. Does the jacket hang evenly if you button it up? The collar should be flat and feel stiff. Sleeves should be completely lined all the way to the cuff. The last point of note should be to grasp the front panel of the jacket and bend it back and forth between your hands. If it feels bulky, it means that the jacket has an interlining that will provide substance to your jacket when you take it off, thereby ensuring that it retains its shape.

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