Market Your Own County

By: Dalonn Jefferson, Nic Zdinak

What is your county name?

Henrico County.
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How much sqaure miles is Henrico County?

Henrico County is 245 Square Miles.
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What is Virginia's Population?

8.19 million (2012)

Description of the Population.

The popultion of henrico can be described as a suberben ciciety. With more Females than men and the highest of any occupants of being the age of 37 years. The job offerings of henrico mostly held job is law enforcement.
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How does your government work?

"Henrico is the only county in Virginia that uses the County Manager Form."


There is an elected Board of Supervisors.

It's organized by districts.

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List atleast 3 departments or agencies in your county government.

Board of Supervisors - The Board of Supervisors has five members one for each district.

Circuit Court Cleak - The clearks Office assists the Circuit Court Judges in the execution of their Judicial duties.

Community Revitalization - Coordinates the Enterprise Zone, Federal Block Grant.

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Fun Facts about Henrico

>One of the three villages that Indian Chief Powhatan called home was in present-day Henrico County. The village of Powhatan (an Indian word meaning “falls in a current”) was located on a hill opposite three islands just below the falls of the James River.

>Early settlers named Henrico County in honor of Henry Frederick, the Prince of Wales and son of King James I of England.

>By 1616, liberal property ownership laws caused the Citie of Henricus to shrink from a town of more than 300 to only 38 “men and boys.”

County Services: What do you think are the 3 most important services your county ?

Police Enforement-

>people are able to help and protect the community that they so love

>Allow citizens to help make the law a stronger force

Student Education (teacher)

>Helps teach the future of America