All about the Egyptian Pyramids

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Description of the pyramids/What do they look like?

The pyramids are colossal structures build from hard limestone.

Are the pyramids the same?

Pyramids come in all shapes and sizes. In Mexico they have circular pyramids or pyramids with rounded corners. In India you can find step pyramids. Pyramids in Egypt were made of limestone, in the Canary Islands they were made out of lava stone. But basically Pyramids all over the world have a similar if not identical shape.

What does the building of the pyramids tell us about Egyptian society?

The pyramids in Ancient Egypt were built as tombs for the pharaohs, they believed that the pharaohs death had something to do with the rise and fall of the sun and the body needed to be protected. This tells us that the Egyptians were very religious they believed in Gods and they believed in the afterlife, and the pharaoh was important because he was the go between the people and the Gods.
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Why did the Egyptians want the pyramids to be spectacular?

The Egyptions wanted the pyramids to be spectacular because the people believed that the pharaoh controlled everyone's afterlife. Also because if they made the pharaoh happy it was a way of ensuring someone's happy afterlife.