Matt, Ivanka, Aali

Intro: Jonathan Swift

Jonathan Swift

Irish and English

Glorious Revolution

Famous Western literary satire writer

-Guliver's Travel

-Modest Proposal

Modest Proposal

Epic travel parody

Uses paralipsis which is introducing a topic by saying it shouldn't be talked about.

Swift employs a classical form of satire in which an extreme position is taken up to ridicule it, and the audience was never let in on the joke.

They were suppose to figure out that Swift was kidding.

You can see the satire in the title, but not everyone cought on to it.

Swifts themes summed up

It seemed as though swift was advocating for a more compassionate way of life, workable reforms for the conditions of ireland and england and more sympathy amongst people's and an effort to understand each other instead of offering creative solutions....

like going to war and eating babies