Derren Brown's New Attraction!

Researched by Dominic Gardner - STEPS 'Students'

Derren Brown's New Attraction For 2016!

Derren Brown has been heavily involved working with Thorpe Park for 3 years now in deep secret. Merlin Entertainment have been in touch with Derren Brown to ask if he could design a new attraction for Thorpe Park. This attraction is set to be the 'Worlds First' psychological experience and over 1,000 specialist have been involved making the attraction. It's the biggest investment to date at Thorpe Park, and it's not a roller-coaster and it's a unique thing like no other experience in the world and the attraction will based indoors and lasts 13 minutes long. There's not any attraction in the world that can do anything like this but this new attraction could be the future of theme parks that they start introducing more of these around the world in the future. The attraction is set to be out in Spring 2016.

The Video Promotion For The New Attraction in Spring 2016!

In December Thorpe Park did their first promotion video for their new attraction in Spring 2016 and brought two life size Victorian dolls that took over London Underground and some places in London.
Life-size Victorian dolls spook London commuters

Derren Brown Being Interview On Absolute Radio!

Ever since the announcement of him being involving of the new attraction for 3 years he's been busy around places and being interviewed in radio stations and being on the One Show to explain what he is doing at the moment and explain about the attraction but not giving out much give away.
Derren Brown is Building a Ride at Thorpe Park!