An interesting friendship

The President

A simple background

Born: June 15, 1953 (age 62), Beijing, China

Previous office: Vice President of the People's Republic of China (2008–2013)

Office: Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the People's Republic of China since 2013

Children: Xi Mingze (1)

Spouse: Peng Liyuan (m. 1987), Ke Lingling (m. 1979–1982)

Books: The Governance of China

Education: Tsinghua University (1998–2002)

Xi Jinping was the first president to get elected and have a Ph.D.

The Center of China

This magnificent place is a great attraction for China. The land is so green that it glows off the water to make it look green. This spot alone can get 445,000 in less than 3 days.

Their Military

China may only be good for supplies for the U.S. but their military is ranked 3rd in the world. With 24,952 land vehicles, 45,681 air vehicles, and 36,478 naval boats. China has around 2.3 million people ready for war.
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China has been in a lot of wars. For example, The Chinese Civil War, Battle of Chamdo, Korean War, Vietnam War, etc... The Chinese have participated in a lot of fights. Which is why everyone likes them (except for Germany).
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    Religions in China. China is a multi-religious country. T, Buddhism, lslamism, Protestantism and Catholicism have all developed quite a following in this country. Freedom of belief is a government policy, and normal religious activities are protected by the constitution.

GDP Per Capita

China's GDP Per Capita is 7,950.0


Buddhism spread from India to China some 2,000 years ago. Chinese Buddhism may be classified according to languages into three communities: Mandarin, Tibetan and Bali. Most of the Mandarin Buddhist believers are Han Chinese while Tibetan Buddhist (generally called Lamaist) believers are people of the Tibetan, Mongolian, Yugur, Lhoba, Moinba and Tujia nationalities, and Bali Buddhist believers are people of the Dai and Bulang ethnic groups that mainly live in Yunnan Province. The Buddhist communities are the largest religious communities in China. However, since quite a few of Han believers are not always steadfast followers of Buddhism, it is hard to count their exact numbers.
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