News and Information from Liberty Counseling-December 2018

Upcoming Events

    1. Next ACT is December 8th, students taking the ACT remember to bring the following:

      1. ACT Ticket

      2. Picture ID

      3. Pencils and calculator

    2. Free Webinar for Seniors: The Scholarship Process

      1. Thursday, December 6th at 6:00 pm

      2. Register Online to learn more about general scholarship information

    3. ACT Prep workshop, held at Regina High School

      1. Monday, January 21st, 9 AM - 3 PM.

      2. Cost is $89.99, can sign up at


Liberty is hosting for the first time a Pre-ACT for interested students. Sign up information was sent home and advertised at school in November.

  1. When: Wednesday, December 12th

  2. Time: 7:45 am - 12:00 pm

  3. Where: Liberty High School, small gym

  4. Students will need to provide their own transportation

  5. Students are responsible to bring their own pencils and calculator.

PSAT Scores Available December 10th

PSAT scores will be available to students on December 10th online, click here to sign in or create a College Board account (if you have taken or currently in an AP class, you have a College Board account).

Students can pick up their test booklets in the counseling office to review questions.

Senior Section

If you are a senior or a parent of a senior, then you know this year can be a stressful one, full of questions and deadlines. Liberty counselors are here to help navigate through the journey of senior year and help answer questions along the way. The counseling department communicates important information through the Counseling Website, student emails, Counseling Smore, and through Mr. Kibby's smore. Counselors strongly recommend for students to check their email to receive crucial information.

Senior Radar:

  1. ICAN Presents: The Scholarship Process webinar on Thursday, December 6th at 6 pm. Click here to register
  2. Seniors should plan to be done with ACT/SAT testing in the next couple of months
  3. Be paying attention to any college deadlines that may take place over Winter Break!
  4. Keep checking new scholarship opportunities on the Liberty Counseling Website (Mr. Bergmann also emails students of opportunities). Click here to visit the Liberty Counseling Scholarship Page.

Seniors, feeling stressed with what you should be doing to prepare for after graduation?

Counselors will be in your English classroom on Thursday, December 6th to answer any individual questions you may have about your post-secondary plans.

Juniors: Is testing on your mind? It should be!

Counselors recommend that juniors start planning and preparing to take the ACT/SAT during the second half of their junior year.

As a senior, students will start applying in the fall for colleges. Students can apply without test scores, however with testing already completed the admission process can be a smoother and less stressful time for students.

Students can find test prep materials on the Counseling Website, click here, scroll to the "Learn More" section and click on the test you want to learn more about, direct links to register are found here as well.

See your counselor if you have specific questions.

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How Students Can Make the Most out of Winter Break

This is an article from ACT, sent to School Counselors.

How Students Can Make the Most out of Winter Break

Winter break provides a well-earned respite from the classroom for you and your students. But getting a break from school doesn’t mean students can’t use the time wisely. It can give students time to put things in order before the leap to college, get advice and help from family and friends, and even (gasp!) keep their brains active before returning to school.

Challenge your students to tackle the following tasks during their break:

  • Complete college applications (Seniors). Seniors can finalize their college choices and complete applications in time for regular submission deadlines, most of which are in January and February.
  • Dig into that college essay (Seniors). It’s an important part of the college application process and requires a lot of thought and planning, so why not spend time away from the classroom to write a draft or two? Winter break might be a great time for family or friends to offer advice on the essay or proofread the content.
  • Complete some test prep (Juniors and Seniors). Students prepare for ACT test content in the classroom, but they can use break to prepare for the testing experience. Take a practice test or two. Use the time to dive into free or paid test prep tools from ACT.
  • Get advice from family (All Students). The holidays are a great time to gather advice during family meals and holiday events. Students can turn family members into resources—ask about their college experience, lessons learned, job market trends, and even ask them to be references for college and job applications.
  • Talk to friends in college (All Students). Remember: it’s winter break for college students, too. Students can talk to college-aged friends about their experiences so far, ask about classes and what they’ve learned, and get advice on narrowing down college choices.
  • Read a book or two (All Students). That’s right—you can encourage students to crack open a book and read for fun. Never stop learning.


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