The Archives War

What Caused It

It all started when Sam Houston was president.Sam wanted to have the Republic of Texas’s capital in Houston.The problem is, Houston is so far away and other people like Mirabeau B. move the capitol to Austin when he was president.When Sam Houston was president for his second term he wanted the capitol to be back at his beloved Houston.

Who Is Angelina Eberly?

When Sam Houston went to Austin

he was staying in an inn run by

Angelina Eberly,but later Sam Houston

would know her as a nemesis.

As Houston stayed in

the inn Angelina grew suspicious.

Angelina Eberly The Hero

One night Angelina woke up to the

sound of the moving of the official papers.

When she saw what was happening she ran

straight to the cannon and fired.On the side

of the Land Office Building the was a hole

the size of a six pound cannon ball.When the

cannon ball hit Austin's residents woke up,

and Sam Houston’s men returned the papers

after being forced to at gunpoint.

In The End

For a few years Sam Houston

keep the government farther

North.But in late summer

of 1846,the government

was moved back to