Realizing my powers

in the world of rachel


One of my greatest successes I believe is when I first learned how to swim. I became a member of the community swim team. I was so proud of myself when I was little and I got my first place ribbon. It helped the community because as I grew up I watched some of the little kids on the swim team and became a mentor for them. I believe that this success helped not only me but the community and helped us both grow.

As a learner- My first day of school

When I was little I can remember being so scared to go to school and leave my mom. After the first day of my first day of school I wanted to go straight back. I loved learning new skills and new material. I learned how to read and write and how to be kind to fellow classmates. I guess that is why I want to be a teacher because I want others to have that same first day experience.

As an individual- How to share

Learning how to share in my opinion was the best thing and hardest thing I have succeeded at. When I was little I used to scream when I didn't get what I wanted. My mom decided I needed a reality check, she taught me how it felt for others when I had my tantrums. After that I loved sharing and making people happy. Sharing is defiantly and important skill and good success.

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important to me- Home alone

I am the youngest child, growing up I had everyone looking out for me, I even had a babysitter. My babysitter was old and she got really sick, when I was in fifth grade she had, had many strokes and heart attacks. That was when my mother decided I was old enough to stay at home by myself. The first day I stayed home alone I was scared to death, I sat and watched tv until someone came home and I started gradually feeling comfortable. I still get a little nervous when I am home alone but I definitely feel safe enough to stay at home alone now.

Important to me-Learning new songs

Music is a big part of my life, it teaches me a lot about my life and who I am. As I got older I began to listen more to the lyrics of music. I realized a lot of life lessons come from songs, I also realized some of the songs I listen to are not all that great when you really get down to the meanings. Music has saved me from a lot of my troubles and in a way have taken my stress and troubles away. Learning how to listen to the lyrics and not just the beat is one skill I believe is important and can keep you out of some sticky spots.