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Florida Department of Education MAFS Tasks.

This online newsletter is targeted support for state math standards and questions. It contains multiple different math tasks that will be asked of our students and scoring rubrics that the state created to mirror the FSA. Evaluating these questions allows you to vet your resources you use to make sure they are matching these types of questions and scoring opportunities.

A comprehensive look of state approved questions that mirror the requirements of the FSA

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MAFS Task Cards: The tasks of the math standards

State Practice Test

FSA/EOC practice test and examples of state scoring

Please click on the link below to take to paper based and online state test

State Interim Assessments

Interim assessments that mirror the FSA/EOC which include scoring. These are 4 seperate, 20 questions formative assessments that can guide instruction.
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MAFS Formative Assessment

Student misconceptions of the standard.

Monroe County District Math Page

Please click the link below to access all the great Math resources. These include learning sequence, assessments, and standards per grade level. It also includes math programs and links to best practices.