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Play ..... Win Deals ..... Save Money


Play ..... Win Deals ..... Save Money

About ReapSo

Beginning with Royal Oak, MI, and the Detroit Area.

Tell your favorite businesses to join, and we will be excited to expand to your town.

SPIN TO WIN! ReapSo is an addictive rewards system that allows you to rank the merchants you love and use spins to win instant discounts. You get rewards right away. No points. No waiting. Discounts on the stuff you love … now! EVERY SPIN WINS! Earn spins by completing various collections, inviting others, and scanning our QR codes (#ReapTag) out in the wild. You’ll know it’s a ReapTag because of the peach in the right corner . . . so always look for the peach.

•No Cards to clutter your purse/wallet
•No Forms to Fill-Out
•No Printing Coupons (we love trees too!)
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Getting started with ReapSo.