Lunar Living

By: Anika Sanguras

Is it possible to live on the moon?

NASA plans to start setting up equipment to live on the moon in 2020. The equipment will mostly be set up in 2024. After that happens then people can start moving there. They can't stay there permanently they can only stay for a couple weeks sometimes months
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What would it look like and where would you live?

It would look a lot different than Earth! Earth has houses and can have pretty features but on the moon they would have to live in domes or greenhouses where they can keep oxygen. NASA would have there own base just for them. They all live in poles on the moon for better sunlight.
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Why does NASA want to move to the moon?

According to my information NASA wants to actually get to Mars. To get to Mars in is easier to start at the moon!! They want to start at the moon and not Earth because there is less gravity on the moon so it's easier to get there!!
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How will everybody get transportation?

People get transportation way different then how they get it on Earth. They get around there base in only two ways either WALKING or getting around in a roving vehichle.
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My opinion!!

I think that this is not possible because it would take to much work and take to ,ugh time. I don't think anyone has the time to do all of that.
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