Wanted: President

By: NIcholas Kessler


There are many requirements to become an eligible candidate for the President of the United States.

1. The Candidate must be 35 years or older.

2. The Candidate must have been born

3. The Candidate has to live in the United States for Fourteen Years or longer

Duties, Roles, and Responsibilities.

As the President of the United States you will have many duties and responsibilities.

1. The President is the Party Leader for the Executive Branch and can select the National Chairperson.

2. The President is also the Legislative Leader. This gives the President the ability to sign bills into law.

3. The President is the Commander and Chief. He is charge of the military and can send troops into battle.

4. The President is the Head of State. The President is like a living symbol of America and represents the United States at Ceremonial events.

5. The President is an Economic Leader. He plans the federal budget every year and wants the economy to prosper.

6. The President is the Chief Diplomat. The President makes decisions on foreign policy and can make executive agreement with foreign leaders.

7. The President is a Chief Executive. He is in charge of the cabinet department and can make executive orders.

Compensation and Benifits

The President of the United States gets paid $400,000 a year. The President also gets extra money for travel expenses. There is also the benefits of being able to access Camp David, Having your own fleet of cars to give you an escort anywhere, and your own selection of helicopters and airplanes. You also get to live in the White House.