By Mario Cassella

How Floods Happen

Floods can happen by lakes, rain, rivers, oceans, earthquakes, and even hurricanes can make a flood happen. Floods can some times happen when the land over flows with water because the land doesn't have any more room for water. It can happen when a water tower cracks and all the water just spills out of the water tower.

What you need to have just in case a flood happens

If a flood ever happens you are going to need a supply kit ready for when a flood happens. You are going to need in your supply kit is some fresh water, a flashlight with fresh batteries, and lots of food. You my also need to have some wipes to wash your hands and glasses if you have glasses.

How much damage does floods do ?

How floods can help and not help

Floods help farmers by giving nutrients and water to the crops. When floods happen many people dies and that is not good. Floods can do a lot of damage to homes and bulidings and when a building falls lots of people die because of that.

How dangerous floods can be.

lots of people die because of floods. Flood water has germs lots of people get sick from all those germs in the water. Floods can be so dangerous and deep people can drown because of a flood. Floods can make a building fall and hundereds of people can die from a building falling.
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