Risks and Hazards of Thunderstorms

By: Owin Buschur

Big Storm lots of energy what could possibly happen ?

:: High winds:

Thunderstorms generally produce winds in excess of 50 mph.

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There is a reason they're called Thunderstorms !

::Lightning strikes: Tall or metal objects are often struck when static electricity builds up between the storm and ground. Lightning will short electronic devices and a direct hit to a human can be fatal.

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Bring the rain.

::Flash flooding: Thunder can produce torrential rain and flood roads and low areas especially around rivers and marshes or along the coasts of lakes

Most Common Cause Of Death and Injury

1. Drowning from flash flooding causes on average 140 deaths in the United States every year

2. Structural damage from high winds and tornadoes cause around 70 deaths and nearly 1500 injuries annually.

3.Lightning Strikes causes around 60 deaths and 300 injuries in the United States yearly.

Ways to Avoid Injury.

During a Flood.

1. Stay on high ground during intense rain.

2. Do not leave and drive around in the storm or in the high water.

During a Lightning Storm.

1. Don't touch any conductive material such as telephone lines or pipes.

2. Don't venture out into the open such as a field.

3. Stay away from tall trees and stay low to the ground.

During High winds or a Tornado.

1. Stay in an interior room of a strong building.

2.If in a car stop, get out and lay in the ditch with a low profile to reduce wind resistance.

3. If outside don't venture towards trees or power lines.


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