New Technologies In Information

Innovative Medical And Industrial Research

In today’s world, people are exposed not only to medical threats that are associated with conservative warfare, but they also are exposed to the use of weapons and the destruction caused by these weapons to the people and the military force as well. Hence, the purpose of doing research for UAT is to find solutions to cure infectious diseases that are caused naturally and those that are caused at the battlefield due to terrorism. Besides, it also does research to find solutions to other health problems that are associated with weapons like biological agents, radiation and thermobaric blast that are non-conventional. UATBD is conducting research in various areas to bring about better living conditions to the citizens. Of them, here are a few of the latest researches being conducted. Combat casualty care; environmental health; biological defense; directed energy bio effects; infectious diseases; tropical medicine, epidemiology and behavioral science; aerospace medicine; war-fighter performance; biomedical research and medical simulation, modeling and mission support are among the contemporary research new technologies in it. More information on these researches can be got from UAT is proud to be at the top in the list of advanced medical sciences and research and it is committed to improve and enhance the future capabilities in these fields.