How to stimulate your childs brain

By: Autumn Ferman

Everyday events

Every day things can help stimulate your childs brain. Things like changing a diaper, a bath, and that kind of stuff builds pathways between neurons combined with cuddling, talking, or singing to your baby. Make sure when you talk it's usually a positive tone, unless they do something bad.
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Physical experiences

Babies need physical experiences. It's one part to how they learn. Give your baby something to play with. A baby doll, a building block, or any other toys you have around your house. It'll help your baby with their physical growth!
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More repetition= stronger connections between neurons. Make a routine so your child knows what to expect. Include things like reading a bedtime story, even if your baby can't read, give the baby a bath at the same time every night, those kinds of things.

Involve your child

When your doing things with your baby make sure you do things that involve work your baby can do too. Make sure your baby is completely involved, moving, and doing stuff with their hands. If your always doing all the work they won't know how to do the stuff when the time comes.

Explore things with your baby.

Make sure you go out of the house with your baby sometimes. All they need sometimes is a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery. It helps with their social development if they're out and seeing other people interacting with others. Take your child to the park, aquarium, or the zoo! Don't push your baby too much to do things though. If your baby doesn't want to go out don't take them. It's good that the baby enjoys what he/she is doing.
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