Building up education

Somalia's geography

Somalia is a country located on the upper east tip of Africa, bordered by Kenya,Ethiopia, and Djbouti. It is a bit smaller than texas, has two chief rivers, the shebelle and the juba. And usually arid and barren.

Somalia's History

Ever since the Somalia civil war started in 1991, most of the country, fell apart. Most of their public services fell apart, especially their education system. Their economy began to decline and they just did not have sufficient funds for their education system.

Their education

Not only that, but many schools were simply destroyed. This country has one of the lowest enrollment rates in africa, meaning that only one out of every five children has access to school. Since they had no national education structure, most community leaders and parent take it upon themselves to educate the children. Many schools are starting to change in this country. Schools such as the Wil-Wal school, take in children that schools have been destroyed by war. They encourage kids by giving them a safe and fun place to learn. More than 13,100 children were given the opportunity to go to school after their own schools were destroyed. 43% of which were girls. Somalia is greatly improving and given back their children one of their most important human right.