Wanted: President

In need of new United States President


~Must be a natural United States citizen

~Must be at least 35 Years Old

~Must have lived in the United States for 14 years

Powers of the President

Chief Executive

- The President is in charge of 15 cabinet departments

Executive Order: Rule or command that has the force of law, not approved by Congress

Chief Diplomat

- The President directs foreign policy

Executive agreement: Agreement that the President can make with foreign leaders that are not approved by Congress

Commander in Chief

- The President is in charge of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard

- Only the President can order American troops into battle

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Legislative Leader

- Presidents must sign bills into law (veto power)

President has a legislative program: Legislative Agenda is given to congress in the annual state of Union Address

Head of State

Ceremonial Role- Represents America at special occasions and ceremonies

- The President acts as a living symbol of the United States

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Economic Leader

- Help the country economy prosper

- The President deals with several economic issues; unemployment rate, inflation, high taxes

- Plans the federal government's budget each year

Party Leader

- The President is viewed as the leader of his/her political party

- Selects party's National Chairperson

- Helps the party raise money and funds

Benefits of being the President

- The President makes 400,000 dollars a year

- The President gets extra money for expenses and travel

- The President gets to live in the White House

- The President gets access to Camp Davis

- The President get a fleet of special cars, helicopters and Air Force 1