My 6th Grade Poems

By: Raven

Dreams- Personification

In my dreams the sun tells me a story

about it's friends.

The star dances around the moon and

the night sky follows wherever the

sea guides them.

Rain reminds me of a song.

Stone listens to the fire when

somethings wrong.

Morning looks over thoe horizon to

see a mountain.

Dawn shows me the way to sunlight

and tells me how she remembers

how much warmth there was.

When i wake up every morning

the sum shines on me like it has

the brightest smile ever.

Silly Sally Sue-Alliteration

Silly Sally Sue

saw Susie's soup.

Silly Sally Sue

slurped Susie's soup.

Susie saw Silly Sally Sue,

"Sally Sue's Silly!" said Susie.

Friends For Ever!- Similes and Metaphors

Your friends are coming over

for a sleep over.

You are so PUMPED

your heart is a balloon and

it's about to EXPLODE out of your chest!

They finally arrive and the first thing

you want to do is BOLT down the stairs

on a matress. It's your turn first and

when you flip off, you land on the other


It feels like you bounced off a fluffy cloud.

It's only 2:00 in the after noon

and you still have alot to do!

Live While Your Young!!!

Hamburger YUM!- Imagery

You're in the car

on your way to

go to Wendy's.

Thinking of what

you're going to get.

Then it hits you!

I'm going to get

a hamburger!

The thought of

it just makes

your mouth water

like a waterfall.

When you walk in

the smell of it punche's

you in the face.

They hand you your

burger. The hotness of

the hamburger makes

the bread so soft.

You take a bite

and you can taste


The ketchup, the lettuce

and don't forget the

cheese. How it melts

in your mouth.

Also the meat.

The meat is so

juicy that when

you squeeze the

burger you can see

the juice fall out on

the sides.

All of this with some

oh so salty fries makes

it just right. It's so good

you will want to come

back for more!