Reiki Attunements

Earth Angels Clinic offer Reiki Attunements

Earth Angels Reiki Attunements

If you have wondered what Reiki is and would like to know how it can enhance your life and that of others then maybe you would like to come along to our attunement day.

We are offering Reiki I and Reiki II combined attunement at The Physiotherapy Clinic 21 Coggeshall Road Braintree on Sunday 25th March.

£150 for the day starting at 10 am till 3pm.

Students will learn the history of Usui Reiki and understand what energy is by practicing on each other. Understand how energy is transferred from the universe though you into a person, animals, food, drink and places and time.

Learn distance healing to send healing back in time or to a location of your choice. personal healing is encouraged and taught.

Learn how meditation and care of yourself is important and required as a Reiki practitioner. change your life for the better.

Reiki Attunemens held at Braintree and The Tree Room

Earth Angels Lynne Akers ITEC dip Reiki Master and Holistic Tutor offers Reiki combined attunements I and II. This is a day course that is supported with manuals and ongoing support online.

Our next date is Sunday March 25th for Reiki I and II attunements

Reiki I and II - £150 includes manual and certificate

Earth Angels Clinic Reiki Attunement

Our training days are friendly and informal but packed with information. Our aim is to get you using your new skill as soon as possible under expert supervision.

We have many years of experience as practitioners and tutor in every field of holistic therapy.

Our courses are friendly and fun and we are passionate about teaching and passing on our experience.