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Aviv Shmuelevitz & Nadav Heller

The Government decided, love above law, gay marriage is allowed.

This morning, about an hour ago the government decided to pass a new law that gay marriage must be allowed. You must be wondering, what possibly changed their mind? "We are a world that constantly changes and renews itself, we have no way to deny the fact that the human sexual tendency isn't what it has used to be" said the Prime Minister.

After many protests, struggles and suppression's, the gay community has made a stamp in the history of Israel.

This controversial law has been discussed for 4 months and the government members who participated in the argument are the ministers of culture, law, religion and representatives of a community which stands for civil rights.

18 countries allow and respect the marriage of two people from the same gender.

It is currently 19 countries including us.

"We are all created equal, all people should be treated equal regardless of who they are or who they love", president Obama.

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