Mid Term Processes

Geometric Mass Sculpture By Georgia Martin


Every artist has to go threw a process for every work of art they create. A process includes many steps that lead up to the end product. Here are the steps i had to go threw to produce my finished sculpture.

Step One

Begin Brainstorming about your sculptures. I usually make ten rough sketches and eliminate five to get four or five good ideas that will ultimately be made into maquettes. Make maquettes to get a better idea of what you're trying to go for. Maquettes are small models of a few ideas to give you a bigger idea of what you are looking for in your finished sculpture. Maquettes may take some time but really pay off in the long run.

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Step Two

The next step is to start producing the maquettes. This involves make many little easy sculptures to get more of a bigger picture with your end sculpture. This also lets you explore the many technics you can use to make your sculpture unique and beautiful.

Step Three

When the maquettes are done and laid out on your table look at each one very carefully. Examine all the little parts of your mini sculptures to figure out which one is going to be your final piece of art. Ask other observers to help and examine the maquettes to get a better idea of what the audiences react to the artwork.

Step Four

Step Four is the final step. This is where you produce your final sculpture. This takes many little procedures that come together to make a beautiful final piece of work. For example in the geometric mass sculpture i had to use precise measurements to make a prism or a cube. after you get all your pieces made and put together you have to start plastering the artwork to cover the cardboard and tape. You can experiment with many different textures. For a more smooth look plaster it smooth and after it dries sand it down with sand paper. For more of a textured look kinda of plop the plaster down and make cool textures with your hands. After plastering wait for the plaster to dry. While it drys start thinking of color schemes for your artwork. No more than two colors because you dont want the sculpture to be to overwhelming to the human eye. A Great technique to use to make your artwork pop is called dry brushing. You get a watered down base coat and apply multiple times to make sure it gets coated very well and let it completely dry. Then get a second color and a a paint brush and apply a light amount of paint evenly on the artwork giving the sculpture a highlighting effect. after your done let it dry and you have your end amazing sculpture.

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