Cabo, Mexico

Come with me to fabulous Cabo!


I made this blog of each of my days to show you the life of Cabo! We will have many adventures, fun times, and more! So enjoy the life of Cabo!

Day 1

We just got off the plane. Customs, as usual, took ages. But finally , we survived it and got to the car. I saw a cactus for the first time! (Yay!). Soon, we arrived at villa 212 in Sun Cabo! It was the most incredible house I have ever seen! "Wow!" I said as we walked in through the wooden doors. We had a perfect view of the ocean straight ahead, delicious food begged to get eaten on the kitchen table, and the warm water of the pool flowed through the cracks of my toes as I dipped my feet in. I was so happy that I hollered For the whole world to hear, "This is going to be a great spring break!"