Formal Literary Canons

By: Jonathan Hester

To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird is important to read because of the lessons it teaches us about how we should treat people and why we shouldn't judge people. Atticus Finch teaches us that we can't really judge people until we have experienced what they have experienced. I think now a days we judge people based on their looks and never really give them a chance. From the teachings of Atticus Finch we learn people can't be judged based on their skin color or how they look such as Boo Radley.

Invisible Man

Invisible Man is an important book to read in today's classroom because it applies to some of the students that read it. The student who never is heard and has no real friends. Invisible man speaks to this student because the main character parallels the student who is isolated with very little socially going on. Invisible Man also teaches lessons on how to try and get higher in jobs and in life by always smiling and saying yes.
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Grapes of Wrath

I think that Grapes of Wrath is an important book to read because it shows us that we have to make sacrifices to help others and ourselves. This is especially important in today's world because people are all about how they can help themselves. If we were all like Ma Joad or Rose of Sharon the world would be a better place.


1984 is an important read because it can be seen as a warning to not simply trust everything you hear. The government of Oceania is always lying to their citizens to make the government look better, control the power, and control what the citizens know. This book is relevent because it warns of something that is now going on in our own country.