Planet Beherrschen

Come hear for a new world

My information

Star type: Typical yellow
Orbit: 1.5 (.5 greater then Earth's)
My Mass: 1.5 mass (.5 Greater then Earth's)
Volcanoes: Totally
Plate movement: Na
Liquids?: Oh yeah
Producers: Got 'em
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Moons And the Tilt

Unlike Earth, for this planet, There are 6 Moons. Only, these moons orbit the sun on a different revolution cycle, these moons do meet up with My planet Beherrschen (Beh-err-s-ch-en is a German word for lord, master, conquer) every 5 months. This creates huge tides for 3 days (AKA hyper-tides). These moons would normally zoom by, but the gravitational pull of the planet slows them down for 3 days. Not only are the planet and the moons on different revolution cycles, but all the moons are on their own cycle speed too. These moons will line up in a strait line with the sun every 20 months and pass us which creates giant tides (AKA the AMPLUS Tides which is Latin for big). I named 5 of these moons after the top 5 Most Lethal elements on the periodic table being that they are UN-habitable. There names are...
5: Mercury (Hg)
4: Arsenic (As)
3: Caesium (Cs)
2: Polonium (Po)
1: Plutonium (Pu)
The last moon is the odd one out. It is not capable of having human life but it contains many components which makes it have the name...
6: VITA PRAEVALENS (Latin for Life and Dominance)

My planets axis is a horizontal line but tweaked up just a little. The seasons will be so drastic in difference. In a winter season there would be no light at all. Like Earth The axis of the planet faces in one direction through the whole year.
The mass of this planet is 1.5 which makes it have a greater gravitational pull to be able to slow down the moon's so there are tides.

The Coolest Thing

OK. This fact makes my planet the best planet ever. We will always be able to tell where these moons are in there orbit guess why. Not only is the moon Plutonium the deadliest, it is so extremely radio active that it will actually glow a bright Aqua Green color after being exposed to light for a few minutes. so while enjoying a nice night on the beach enjoying the high tides, you can look at plutonium and watch it glow.
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