Abby Reiman

By: Taj Razo

What is her work?

She is an 11th-grade student in Fairfax county, Virgina trying to fight for glue traps to be banned.

What is her goals?

she wants glue traps ban because sometimes other animals such as birds, frogs, insects, and even kittens get caught in these traps and could die from them, there not just to kill mice or rats it harms other animals to.

What organization is she in?

She is part of an organization called PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Changes she made.

"After Abby learned the truth about glue traps, she immediately investigated to find out if these devices were being used at her school—and confirmed that they indeed were" so she wanted to speak up and say something bout it. She joined a club called PETA and worked with them on writing a letter to the district giving reasons why they should stop using glue traps. Didn't take long for a response the district banned all glue traps in Fairfax county schools.

Defintion of hero:

Shes a hero to the animals because glue traps were really hurting them or killing them ad because of the ban she got approved its saving there animal life's
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Recognized as a hero?

Yes because she is trying to save animals lives and help put banns on glue traps to keep them protected so that animals wont keep dying from the traps.
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