Hardcore/ Melodic Hardcore


From the age of 14 I have been going to shows, my first ever gig was Deaf Havana in 2010 and ever since then I have been going to as many gigs as I can. I've been to Ghostfest twice now and I have seen some amazing bands live such as Terror, Thy art is murder, Suicide Silence, Malevolence, and Annotations of an Autopsy. These are my favourite bands and to see them live plus many other great bands in 2 days was amazing! I've also been to festivals such as Make a Scene festival a local all day festival which has had some huge headliners and Leeds festival this year, the atmosphere is the best thing ever and I can't wait to start going to more shows.
Thy Art Is Murder (Ghostfest 2013)
Heart in Hand - Only Memories
TERROR - Keepers Of The Faith (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Parkway Drive 'Atlas' Full Album Stream

Parkway Drive

Saturday, Dec. 13th, 6pm

Westgate Rd