Leprosy (Hansen's disease)

By Taka Oya

Symptoms and signs

Leprosy is a very long lasting disease. It may take two to ten years before signs show up. it can affect the growth on your skin and spots will show up. You may also feel severe pain and may have a stuffed nose and may have permanent nerve damage in your arms and legs.


There are 2 million people are permanently disabled by Leprosy. During the year 2010 Scientists shown that there were 228,474 cases. In 2011 there were only 192,246 cases.Currently 134,752 new cases are detected in India

Cause And Transmission

Leprosy is caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium Leprae Leprosy is spread by person to person. Usually by people's cough or sneeze. Also sometime spread by Armadillo.

Organs Affected By Leprosy

Leprosy mostly affects the skin, The nerves of the hands and feet, eyes, lining of the nose. If you leave Leprosy untreated it can make your hands and feet fall off and also kidney failure.


  • Angola
  • Brazil
  • Central African Republic
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • India
  • Madagascar
  • Mozambique


The main way to prevent Leprosy is to be sanitary. you can help by washing your hands and being aware of your surroundings because people may cough or sneeze by you and they might have Leprosy by your area.

Treatment Or Cure

First thing you should do is tell your doctor or someone who can help you with your problem. After you see your doctor they will probably give you antibiotics. Keep taking antibiotics until your doctor tells you to stop. It may take about six month. There is a special clinic in the U.S. to help with Leprosy.

History of Leprosy

Leprosy was well known in the oldest time of China, Egypt, and India. In the past, Asia, Africa, and Latin America had a significant number of one to two million people are visibly disabled by Leprosy. in 1970 the first successful Multi drug treatment was created on a island of Malta. In 1873 Dr. Armaouer Hansen was the first to see the Leprosy germ under a microscope. From the history of Leprosy we can improve out medicine and help more people.


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