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what goes in mudboils

Now, the mudboil dumps 20 tons of sediment a day into the creek. That's about two average dump truck loads.

Mudboils aren't new, and it's not clear how much of the current problem is caused by nature and the valley's long history of brine mining. The first published report of mudboils came in 1899.


The Tully Valley mudboils are volcanolike cones of fine sand and silt that range from several inches to several feet high and

from several inches to more than 30 feet in diameter. Active mudboils are dynamic ebb-and-flow features that can erupt and form a

large cone in several days, then cease flowing, or they may discharge continuously for several years.

my mudboil expirence

When i went to the mudboils it was really cold. When i walked into the mudboil my shoe sunk in. I jumped high into the air then i lost my shoe for a little wile then i found it about 5 minutes later. I was there for about 45 minutes to an our. I got bored after a wile so i played a game on my phone. When i was at the creek that the mudboil runs into i saw a wasp nest and a turtle. when my group left we cind of split in half and i didnt see the other half of my group for about 2 minutes. After that we went to 2 different places and i had fun. So after that we loaded up on the bus and left. If i could i would go back to the mudboils.

what is a mudboil

A mudboil is like wet crack in the earth. Or you can think of it as quiksand but with mud and much slower.