Friedensreich Hundertwasser

The greatest artist and architect ever

Who is Hundertwasser?

Hundertwasser was an Austrian artist and architect who always painted or built somethings that are bright and unusual. He would paint with colourful and nice colours but he never used dull colours like black or grey.

Hundertwasser's fabulous buildings

His buildings were mostly built in Austria or Germany. Hundertwasser built around thirty buildings during his life. The colours of the buildings were bright. They were all different shapes and sizes from the normal buildings we have. I think the buildings Hundertwasser builds are extraordinary.

Some of Hundertwasser's great artworks

Hundertwasser's artwork

The paintings that Hundertwasser painted barely have any straight lines This is because he didn't like straight lines he painted. Hundertwasser often used onion-shaped domes, lollipop-like trees and shapes that don't really have straight lines. If the shape had straight lines, He would change the straight lines.