Antelope High School Library News

April 2017

Library Happenings: Encourage your child to get involved!

Did you know that April is National Library Month and National Poetry Month?

To celebrate, the library will be offering the following student events during the month of April. Visit the Library webpage for more information.

  1. Title Trivia Challenge - Guess the book or author via Google Form (Starbucks Card Prizes)
  2. Who's Behind the Book? - Teacher's pose behind their favorite books, and students guess who they are! (Student winners get a Starbucks Card)
  3. Bookmark Design Contest - Winning bookmark will be distributed in the library.
  4. Broadcast a Poem-a-day April 3rd- 7th
  5. Sidewalk Chalk Poetry April 18-21st

Antelope High School Learning Lab (ALL)

Did you know that the Library hosts after school tutoring every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:35-4:30 pm? Students can get help in all subjects, use computers, printers, and calculators, and access Library Resources. Want to make sure that your child attended, we can send them home with verification. We are ALL in for student learning and success here at Antelope High School.

Did you know that strong readers are more successful?

Encourage your child to read and utilize the library. Reading will help them in all of the following ways:

  • Improved grades in school
  • Better college readiness and success
  • Increased imagination and creativity
  • Higher job incomes - According to the US Department of Education, only 23% of full-time workers earn over $850/week when they read at a basic level compared to 58% of full-time workers who read at a proficient level.

AnHS Library Catalog: Do you have the book I want?

Search for books from home at Place a hold on your favorite titles. Pick up your requested book(s) at the Library Circulation Desk.

School Databases and Technology Resources for School Assignments

Need a source for a school project or paper? Access a variety of quality and credible sources right from home on the AnHS Library Webpage

Library Hours

Monday 1:35 - 2 pm (PLT Meeting Days)

Monday 1:35 - 4 pm (Special Library Event Days)

Tuesday 2:35 - 4:30 pm

Wednesday 2:35 - 4:30 pm

Thursday 2:35 - 4:30 pm

Friday 2:35 - 3 pm (may stay open later based on student need)

Minimum Days 12:11 - 1:30 pm