Henry Ford

The creator of the automobile

Big Dreams

Henry Ford look wanted to look father in his life he was only a engineer in Detroit, Michigan in the 1890s. One day he got the chance to experiment with an automobile that was powered by gasoline.

Looking into the future

In 1930 Henry had establish his own auto making company and he also began to designing cars.Henry wanted his automobile to be great on rough road but also have a good price so people can afford it. In 1980 Henry introduce the model T to public it was described as the strurdy black vehicle. The qualities of the Model T made it very popular in 18 years Ford's company sold 15 million automobiles.

Model T

The new Automobile !!!


Anyone can afford it


Today in life its important because without it no one could. Be able to afford it in and we would still have to have horse for our transpiration.