Week of January 15th, 2018

March for Life 2018

The Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement joined thousands, marching for life on Friday 1/19 in Washington, DC and in Dallas, TX on Saturday 1/20.

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Congratulations to Southeast Region for a successful camp!

Sa Mạc Chuyên Đề - Lãnh Đạo Phục Vụ Vaticano 1

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January 15th, BTV TU Meeting (BGQ Headquarter)

January 23rd, BNH TU Meeting

January 29th, BTV TU Meeting (Joshua Congress)

January 31st, Membership Dues $5 back to 8 Regions

February 14th, Spiritual Bouquet

February 16th, Luna New Year

February 18th, National Day of Sacrifice (Celebrate VEYM Sacrifice Motto)

March 4th, Northeast Region Tuyen Hua Tan BCH

March 8th, Southwest Region SMHLHT Cap I, II, Samaritano 65

March 9th, Southeast Region SMHLHT Cap I, Samaritano 66

March 10th, Northwest Region BTV Voting

March 15-18th, South Region SMHLHT Cap I

April 13-15th, Southwest Region SM Cap 1

May 31st-June 3rd, Northeast Region SMHL Cap I & II

June 3rd, National Day of Adoration/Celebrate the Holy Communion Motto

June 5-10th, Sinai 24 & Tiberia XII, Dallas, TX

Jul 12-15th, Western Region SM Cap 1 & 2, King City

July 26-29th, Joshua Congress, GA

Aug 2-5th, Southwest Region SM Cap 1, Long Beach

Aug 9-12th, Mid-Atlantic Region SMHLHT Cap 1 & 2, Quanico, VA


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Sa Mạc Huấn Luyện in 2018

Click Sa Mạc Huấn Luyện in 2018 button above to view all the training camps of VEYM

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