Pauline Cushman

Molly Mangin & Maddi Strickland

Early Years

Pauline Cushman was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 10, 1833. She was in a family of 9 in which she had 6 brothers. When her family moved to Michigan all she wanted was to get go away and become an actress. Cushman, at the age of 17, ran away to New York to become an actress. In New York she got a hand full of small parts and got married to a man named Charles Dickinson.

Contribution to the Civil War

In the beginning of the war, she got invited to become a spy for the union army. During her years as a spy she significantly helped the union rise above the confederacy. She managed to conceal drawings and battle plans in her shoe. Cushman was sentenced to death, but managed to get her execution date pushed back because she was ill. During the time she was waiting for her death, she was rescued by the union army. During the end of the war she gave tours based on her experience as a spy.

Life After the Civil War

After the war, she lost her children to sickness in 1868. Pauline became a seamstress due to arthritis, and soon became addicted to the pain medication. She later died from an overdose of that certain pain medication.

Interesting Facts

-She married 3 times

-Cushman used to be a struggling actor

-Pauline had 3 kids and one was adopted

-She died of intentional overdose

-Pauline was recommended by president Lincoln